Brass Optical Encoder for Logitech G27

xin chào?” (“Hello” in Vietnamese)

This gadget is an optical encoder, a upgrade feature for the Logitech G27 wheel. They are also known as code wheels.

It helps in the centering of the wheel; Logitech G25, G27 and Driving Force GT have them.

The configuration of this item is different on each model but they do the same function.

This particular optical encoder model, with 60 slot, is for old Logitech G27´s, the one´s with the Green Box.

The 60 slot fits all  G25´s and old Driving Force GT.

30 slot fit the new Logitech G27, blue box package, and the new Driving Force Gt.

Let´s dive in…



These are laser cut. They are custom made and available from CM Laser.

 The provider has sent me one optical encoder, that i am in the process of testing, and my initial thought was that it made me use my Logitech G27 more. I have less the feeling of being worried about breaking something when turning the wheel  very fast from one side to the other, when to catch a slide and so on.

 It is very possible. you know, to crack a optical encoder from turning the wheel constantly from one side to the other very quickly.

There are a few mods for repairing and upgrading them.

Below is a common one.

Thin and small washer in the inside of a default optical encoder from a Logitech G27.

A crack can be seen on this optical encoder. It comes from the center to the outer edge.

This is one option..

Plastic Optical encoder (default one)

washer + glued + optical encoder.

Another option is to use a brass optical encoder


There are steps that should be followed to ensure a correct installation. The first rule should be that this brass optical encode should always stay closer to the black receiver than the default one.


The video for the whole process.

It will have to stay even closer of the black receiver of the wheel than the default optical encoder does.


“Even closer than the default optical encoder on the picture”

Red cross marks the “black receiver”

Matters about this brass Optical encoder…


Sometimes this brass optical encoders do not fit the metal shaft exactly. In this case use  sand paper on the internal part to sand off a bit of material.

The provider´s website has the information needed to this procedure.

In a few steps it´s something like the following:

If it is too tight, use a little high-grit sandpaper on a toothpick to gently remove a little bit of metal inside the encoder, and try to fit it on.  It must be a tight fit, but shouldn’t require a jack-hammer to get it on.  Gentle push with your finger should do the trick.  Patience, Grasshopper, patience!”


Thoughts on the subject:

It seems to me that the wheel recenters more precisely after turning or catching the wheel from a spin: Let me give you an example; if your going flat out on a  RwD (rear wheel drive) road car…, and there´s an “S” ahead ,  with a right curve and a thigh left curve: when going from the right curve to the left the tail of the car is already loose, let´s assume, and when you start the left curve you will probably use all the road on the exit with the rear of the car already sideways. It is in that moment that i feel the re-centering of the Logitech Wheel more precise! After catching the slide and control it.

What happens is that my left hand always knows where the wheel is going to be, after a spin or a tail loss. Usually i have to readjust the hand position after catching the wheel. In this case, with the new optical encoder, i tend to think the wheel is more times in the right place for me to grab it after a spin.

On Gaming

I have been testing the wheel on and on on Project Cars.  I have tested Assetto Corsa, Rfactor 2 and Race 07. By default, Project Cars is the most “setting friendly” in my experience. I plug the wheel and overall the force feedback is decent, with the settings at a friendly rate not requiring a lot of tweaking. The other 3 games are more demanding regarding tweaking, when a wheel is connected for the first time.

CM Laser Codewheel


This is one of those items where there is no wrong to go ahead with it, to implement it. It´s a win-win situation. I would personally want to have all the internals of my G27 upgraded!

Good Things to Expect

  • Gets the job done,
  • Never again will there be a need for a new optical encoder.
  • Average price of the piece: 38$.
  • Good Customer Support.

Logitech G27 3rd Version



2 thoughts on “Brass Optical Encoder for Logitech G27

  1. Can I order an Optical Encoder for the Logitech G25 steering wheel and how much does it cost along with the transfer to the Republic of Belarus


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