Trust Force Feedback Race Master racing wheel

Hello, hello. How are we today?

Today´s post will start with the fun facts:

The Minimum Requirements for this wheel:

  • Pentium 166 MHz CPU
  • Serial 9/25 pin port
  • 10 MB free HDD space
  • 16 MB of system memory
  • 4 speed CD-ROM drive
  • Soundcard (preferred)
  • Floppy drive
  • Windows 95 with DirectX 5.0 or Windows 98

Wheel Spin


The maximum rotation is more or less 90º to one of the sides. It claims force feedback but with no usb cable  available on this wheel it can take a while for a full test.


According to the manufacturer the hardware will not work with recent versions of windows.

It will have to  be used a windows 95/98 based computer with a RS232 port. Not something laying around here…., windows 95! A Pentium at 75-166 Mhz!


The steering wheel has 6 buttons and a directional pad ( 4 way ).


The clicks are precise, with a robust construction. It is a solid wheel, with little to no flex where any two different parts join. Nice quality plastic all around.

The white strip on the front of the wheel is a rubber material. It helps when turning or with sudden movements.

A little shifter for the sequential gearbox, on the right side. The feeling is not a good one.

It is not precise probably due to the years of use but this wheel shows that it was spared from intensive usage so: “Just click the handle one way or the other and it will shift anyhow.”

To sum up: This is a heavy duty wheel! Well built.

The video game in the monitor, Good Memories….


4D Sports Driving (4Ds), known as “Stunts“.

The picture is just illustrative. The wheel was not used with this game.



These are of good construction. Decent weight. They feature a black rectangular piece of steel. Otherwise all plastic, but really nice, solid!


Pedals don´t slip easily. 4 rubber points. No default hard mounting.

The wheel has some years now. Back then hard mounting solutions were not very common due to low force feedback systems, reduced number of playseat style rigs/ dedicate a specific place to game, amongst other things.

“Hands On?”

 I am waiting on the hardware to check if this wheel can be tested. The prime requisite is windows 95 but it will work with 98 too. Patience!

 An oldie in good shape!


Suckers take care of holding the base to a surface. No hard mounting.


“Nice touch”



Let´s recap:

Why analyzing this wheel?

  • Almost a collectible
  • Nice construction set
  • Quality elements
  • Robust ( Wheel and pedals)

and it´s a funny steering wheel!

Looks like a space shuttle/ airplane wheel.


What do you think of this wheel?

  • Beautiful?

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