For all custom built cables – Logitech G27 Pcb Cables (PH 2.0mm 4 Pin)


The availability of hardware is important! This post will be about the cables used to connect buttons or switches to the Logitech G27 board.


Use them if you want to customize or change something on your wheel. If you want to keep the default buttons (and so, not cut the default wires) you should use this.


The little cables connect the default board (above picture) to 2 little boards where the 6 default buttons are soldered. The red items are caps for the pressure buttons inside.


The cables we are addressing are known as PH 2.0mm 4 Pin and can be found here.


The PH 2.0mm 4 Pin cables.


50 of these cables cost around 12€ but any number of trades can be made.

  • Why the need for these cables?

– Well, the default ones are very thin and if one wants to build more than one custom wheel to use, this solves that problem.

  • Is that the only place to buy them?

-No. These PH 2.0mm 4 Pin can be found online or even at physical stores near you.

  • Will these cables fit G25?

– I don´t think so. I have not tested on a G25.

Thank you for reading this,




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