The Logitech G27 Base


My experience with Logitech wheels has not been the best. These wheels exist by their own right; they look good, it´s a complete package with steering wheel, pedals and a gear shifter, all decent quality; lots of metal, a clutch, 900 degrees ¹, rev lights on the wheel.. .

I have a problem with G27´s. They have always failed me one way or the other. Force feedback fatigue and the constant need for dead zone corrections, the optical encoder…,they have always felt to me with less force, less mechanical and not fun to enjoy.

A friend once lent me his G27 and i tested it on a Ps3. Force feedback was there but it felt too electrical, like the steering on a road car when it´s electric instead of hydraulic. It seems not as satisfying. After that, the 3 ones i used felt more awake but, not satisfied, i tested a friend´s G25 and this one felt a lot better, more mechanical, more energized. Was this particular shipment of G25´s? G25´s are known to be more “metal- on – metal” when it comes to steering. Maybe me?

I have had three G27´s. I´ll focus on the wheel base itself for this review.

Peoples Choices

I can´t seem to understand the number of people that have cool and costly setups (rigs) with neon lights and stuff and uses a stock G25 or G27, with G25/27 pedals!


My argument is that Logitech G27 is a “fantastic wheel”…, for the bundle price, only!

It´s a good package: “good package” is not the same as a good wheel.

Now, let´s imagine;

i see a Logitech G sale, with pedals, gear shifter and wheel, for 349€ (new, release day); I´ll take it, it is a good deal, no one can say the contrary, but let´s assume these parts are sold separately: Would i buy the wheel base alone for 150€?

Or the pedals, 150€(?)

The shifter, 49€ ?

Meh, probably.


With this in mind i know people know by now some things the Logitech G´s (the wheels) are good for: Modding and Intensive usage.

– Not in Favor

Now, to me there is a greater setback than the mods available or the usage this wheel can stand: It is Dead zone and Force feedback.

Dead zone will translate in failure related to driving precision and lack of force will lead to nonexistent road feedback. These two failure points are mostly hardware related, by the relation and disposition of the internal physical components; design of the materials, materials used, the chosen electrical components, dispositions of components with attention to performance, etc.

¹ I have experienced that my G27´s do not have exactly 900º. To reach this mark the wheel has to be forced to turn more. I have watched numbers in the order of +860º – 875º.


From my blog post Logitech G27 with MoMo Prototipo – Custom Built

“you can game on a 300$ computer, but is not the same as gaming on a 1000$ computer… . The same with the wheels: you can drive in a game with a 300$ wheel, but it is not the same as driving the same game with a 1000$ wheel… .”

This quote is to make the point that the wheel is decent taking into account other variables, like price tag, targeted users and the view on what´s included in the package. You see, there are some wheels that no matter the cost or if are sold alone or in bundle they are always good wheels.


The Optical Encoder

As pointed in the intro, the optical encoder is a fundamental piece of the wheel dynamic.

It “reports” where the wheel is and where is going to, to it´s electric components.


With the two G27´s i opened, the optical encoder wobbled when turning the entire cycle of the wheel. Careful, It can break easily and it does in some cases. Anyhow there are people reporting success in this area too.

A replacement to this problem should be changing the plastic encoder for a brass one.

Durability is the key feature here. This provider is a trusted source according to users ;

Force feedback,

One option to force feedback increase and maintaining it is a mod by ARC Team, where the electric current on the wheel is boosted making it a beast of force. Measures to prevent overheating or exploding components are taken into account with this mod. Reports regarding this particular mod state it as a worthwhile mod for the G25´s and G27´s. Check the internet for various descriptive reports (Logitech G27 ARC Team Mod).


The Logitech G27´s in General:

There are a lot of mod providers for the wheel: custom shift paddles, wheel adapters for custom wheels just to name a few; there are also mods for the G series pedals; springs, load cells, inversion kits and so on. Mods for the gear shifter can be found online too.

I am almost arriving my destination: Can i point some factors regarding G27 wheel base only?

Manufacturer related; +

  • Overall the Hardware is built to last
  • Features a good hard mounting solution

Community Related; +

  • Availability of mods (on wheels, pedals and shifters)
  • Help and tutorials

Overall setbacks;

  • Wheel center Dead zone
  • Force feedback a bit shy (my opinion, not to be regarded as factoid)
  • Optical encoder susceptible to break (there is no official replacement)

Closing the post,

I don´t believe a brand deliberately want´s to make a 2nd generation of something worst than the previous version. The question here could be: “Was the G27 polished enough on the flaws G25 had?”

The same for the Logitech G wheels from 2015. There are some fundamental problems that have not been resolved regarding wheel center dead zone.

Please, opinions closed!


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