Racing Software Options (6)

Software available in 2016 to use in racing video games.

This is an exposition of 6 of them and not a comparison or full detail of each one.

I will start with iSpeed Telemetry


Free (donation available)

iRacing only.

Features (partial list):

  • Heads up display of pertinent data.
  • Supports second monitors, windowed mode, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Kindle Fire, etc.
  • Voice announcements of Splits / Trap Speeds / Lap Times (via Windows Text To Speech)
  • Audio announcements of marked track points (can help with braking / cornering points)
  • Shows best splits, comparison to best splits, and optimal lap times (thanks, Stephane).
  • Shows time delta compared to best lap (or any history lap – yours or someone else’s).
  • Can show +/- speed and deltas for someone else’s lap file – while you’re driving.
  • Auto-saves your best laps so you can look at them later.
  • Auto-saves your best setups so you don’t lose your setup tweaks.
  • Lap Analyzer to compare your lap with others.


  • Includes a “Datamart” with other people’s lap files for you to download / compare with your own (many thousands of laps availble to download – right now – to compare yours against).
  • Can convert an iRacing .rpy (replay) file to an iSpeed lap file (.irlap) (more details here).
  • Customizable split points, via the Lap Analyzer.
  • Customizable “Trap Speed” points, via the Lap Analzyer.
  • Supports multiple lap types so your best lap and splits in Hotlap mode can be stored separately from your Race ones.
  • Can load save files and looking at user input (brake, throttle, steering angle, gear), drive path, and speed.
Example Photo

SimRacing Dashboard



Works on:

  • Assetto Corsa
  • Race 07 / GTR Evolution
  • GTR 2
  • GTL
  • R3E
  • Project CARS
  • DiRT Rally

Features (partial list):

  • In-game informations (e.g. rpm and speed)
  • Virtual button box
  • Delivers audio information
  • Many different platforms (e.g. tablets, smartphones and laptops)

Also Available in SimRacing Dashboard website:

SimRacing Tracker:

  • Tool to record lap times from a dedicated server for racing titles like Race07, GTR2, rfactor, rfactor 2, Game Stock Car 2013 and Assetto Corsa.


Pit Radio:

  • A user can request necessary information (ex. tire pressure, tire temperature, gas consumption, sector times, distance from driver ahead, etc.) by voice.

Mod Manager:


  • The SimRacing Mod Manager is a simple tool to manage (activate / deactivate) your modifications for Assetto Corsa. It can be used for: vehicles, tracks, career, special events and showrooms.
Example Photo


irddu 2 circular.png

Free (donation available)

iRacing only.

Features (partial list):

  • Multiple simultaneous dashes
  • Button box support
  • Inline formulae
  • Ability to send keystrokes to iRacing
  • Build your own dashboard controls

Detailed features;

  • Ground up redesign of the core program allowing multiple dashboards to be run from a single iRDDU instance.


  • Built-in dashboard download facility enabling you to choose from a large selection of ready made dashboards.
  • Sophisticated API support allowing the use of fields in formulae along with many custom functions to allow the dashboard designer to manipulate data as required.
  • Streaming of dashboards to remote devices such as tablets, phones and remote computers.
  • The ability to send keystrokes to the sim.
  • A built in scripting language allowing conditional processing based on API data.  This enables you to perform more complex functions like automatically switching to the F1 screen as you pass the S/F line then back to F3 100 meters later.
  • Button box support.  Buttons can be accessed from within scripts to change the behavior of a dashboard, for example you could send keystrokes to the sim to thank by name the driver you just lapped.
  • Fully multi threaded architecture.  Every dash runs in it’s own thread as do the processes accessing the iRacing API, button boxes, keystroke sending etc.  One advantage of this is that you can run different dashboards at completely different rates without them affecting each other, for example a rev bar needs to run at around 15FPS or more to be useful but an F3 screen clone only needs to update a few times a second.
  • Totally rewritten, WYSIWYG editor.


  • A much faster YAML parser enabling instant access to all session string based data.
  • Updated, optimized graphical routines.
Example Photo

Joel Real Timing


Free and Paid version (15€)

iRacing only.

Features (partial list):

  • Standing in Real Time


  • Delta Grahic (Pro Version)
  • Calculator and Trackmap (Pro Version)
    • Units 
    • Tank 
    • Est. Laps 
    • Time Remaining 
    • Fuel to add 
    • Calculation mode


  • Dashboard
  • Button Box (all games)
  • Logging files
  • Events and replay control (pro version)
  • Overlays
Example Photo

Z1 Software


Free and Paid version (24.99$) + Monthly subscription of 1.99$ / Purchase Individually (Details) (Mailing list gets you 10% off)

Works on:

  •  iRacing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Project CARS
  • rFactor 1
  • rFactor 2
  • Game Stock Car
  • ARCA Sim Racing
  • Kart Racing Pro
  • *SimBin sims
  • *Codemaster sims

Features (partial list):

  • Real Time Telemetry
  • Real Time Track Maps
  • Pit Lane Rendering
  • Pit Stop Delta
  • Sector Overlays
  • Time Deltas

Z1 Software includes;

  • Z1 Dashboard
  • Z1 Analyzer (Telemetry Analysis and Comparison)
  • Z1 Server (Broadcast your sim’s data to any computer on your network)

The Z1 Dashboard software includes telemetry analysis of the following data*:


  • Tire Temperature
  • Tire Pressures
  • Tire Wear
  • Ride Height
  • Shock Deflection
  • Brake Temperature
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Gear
  • Throttle/Brake
  • Steering Position
  • G-Forces
* Not all telemetry is available from all sims

Over 60 Customizable Sim Racing Dashboards:

  • Shift Light Colors
  • Shift Light RPMs
  • Rev Limiter Color
  • Rev Limiter Display
  • Pit Dashboard Message
  • Lap Counter
  • Fuel Usage
  • Font
  • Background Color
  • Lap Time Color
  • Imperial or Metric Units
  • Pit Stop Strategy
  • Track Maps
  • Competitor’s Colors
  • Screen Brightness
  • Sector Splits
  • Telemetry Display
  • Screen Resolution
  • Notes For Each Car and Track

Z1 Analyzer:


  • Lap Analysis: A description of your lap in plain English along with a comparison to any other loaded lap.
  • Track Walk: Detailed information about that turn, including elevation and camber changes
  • 35 traces including: throttle, brake, steering, speed, rpm, gear, shocks, ride height, wheel speed and tire temp
  • Zoom in as much as desired onto a part of your lap
  • Compare your lap to another lap
  • Includes the track map, with optional throttle/brake overlays
    The track map can be displayed in either 2 or 3 dimensions
    The lap can be played back by clicking on the Play icon
  • Customize the display through the options in the settings dialog
  • Read laps from any sim supported by Z1 Dashboard
  • Read iRacing ibt files

Z1 Server:


  • Use Laptops or Desktops as additional monitors
  • Allow coaches/friends to view your data on their computers
  • Run the Z1 Dashboard on any computer, not just the one running the sim.
  • Broadcasts joystick inputs
Example Photo

SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash


Free (donation available)

Works on:

  • Assetto Corsa
  • IRacing
  • ProjectCars/ProjectCars2
  • Codemasters games (Dirt 2,Dirt 3, Dirt Rally, F1 20XX)
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck simulator

Features (partial list):

  • Lap Time
  • Rpm
  • Speed
  • Delta
  • Gear

Many more!

SimHub is a modular multi sim dashboard using arduino

You can use any combination of supported parts:

  • Up to 6 Simple 8 * 7 segments modules
  • Up to 6 TM1638 module : 8 * 7 segments modules and leds (TM1638)
  • Rgb Leds
  • Led matrix gear indicator
  • 7 segment dedicted gear indicator
  • LCD Support
  • Nextion LCD touchscreen
Example Photo

My impressions:

The order of these software are about the frequency i use them.

  1. iSpeed – very easy to use and precise. Not in favor: iRacing only.
  2. SimRacing Dashboard – Amazing amount of free content. Lot´s of functionality. Not in favor: Too many templates available; some do not have the quality of others. (Perfect pick anyway!)
  3. iRDDU 2  (iRacing Data Display Unit) – What i to used in my 5inch LCD screen. Not in favor: iRacing only, limited functionality and /or options, displayed ads.
  4. JRT (Joel Real Timing) – Complete. Not in favor: iRacing only, for advanced users, had some trouble in config.
  5. Z1 Software – The whole package. I don´t use it more because i don´t have a full version. It´s the only one that can run in iRacing and a lot of other games. The best! Not in favor: The most expensive through the course of time. Demo version can only be used 15 mt at a time. iRacing and others.
  6. SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash: The perfect choice for users that like custom dashes and hardware solutions. Not in favor: Software options layout a bit confusing. Demands research and DiY skills as it requires hardware. For DiY people that want something truly theirs. A reference! iRacing and others.
Reference – Some Images and some text are from Software providers website.

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