Button Box with MIDI Controller – AKAI MPD32

Who would have guessed; you have to hit things to make music…

I present a new project a little different.

I have a Akai MPD 32, a Midi Pad Control Unit designed to make music beats,  compose songs, etc. For video reference see my YouTube .


The aim is to use it as a controller/button box for all the functions of racing games. Example: assigning Traction Control On / Off or increase /decrease, adjust Field of View, ABS, Replay of gameplay and so on.

It was tested with iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Race 07 and BeamNg and worked fantastically with iRacing and BeamNg. Assetto and Race 07 have a hard time with keyboard converters.

“What is this?”

If you connect the Mpd 32 directly to the pc via usb it would just power it on and no input in game is visible. It needs a emulator (software converter) for it to work. GlovePie takes care of that. (Search google)

This Mpd 32 unit has 16 pads in 4 pad banks; 16 pads on bank A, 16 pads on bank B, 16 pads on C and 16 on D. This makes it possible to have 64 simulated buttons.vlcsnap-error511

 GlovePie Software Emulator

iRacing in background – GlovePie and then the script

I downloaded GlovePie then launched it and plugged the Mpd to the pc.

One thing: the emulator needs a script to work; a code for converting the pads into signals; in this case convert the pads into keyboard inputs.

I found this on the web: Piano Midi Keyboard script, thank you to Niveks and associates for the code.

When GlovePie opened, i copied & pasted the script onto the emulator front page. Then clicked “Run” on GlovePie and launched the desired game.

iRacing configuration

This script is a piano keyboard script so only the pads are working on the Mpd . Knobs and extra buttons are not functional in game at the moment. I´ll update you when i have good news.

 Step process:

  • Download GlovePie
  • Have a script
  • Launch GlovePie
  • Connect Mpd 32 to Pc
  • Paste script on GlovePie
  • Press “Run” on GlovePie
  • Launch Game

The test went well with iRacing, being possible to assign 64 buttons ( 16 pads x 4 pad banks).

Working on Iracing

 “Field of View” adjusment
“Black Box” selection

 Assetto Corsa


It worked on Assetto Corsa but not very well! When assigning the pads to specific functions (ex. Traction Control (TC)) the game got all confused, displaying sometimes more than one function when pressing a pad. This has happened before with the Button Box V1 “the cheap version”  when i tried to connect it to Assetto Corsa. Possibly due to the fact that the game starts by recognizing two keyboard inputs and does not prioritize any of the two. Confirm my video to get an idea.

(Speculation) I am using a default keyboard plus this emulator that converts pad signals into keyboard letters, characters and numbers so possibly doubling the information that gets to the game.


It is a big project to make all the knobs and keys working in game but i will do it if it is indeed possible.

Have a nice day!


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