BigBen Interactive Racing Wheel

I found a BigBen Racing wheel!

Someone cut part of the wheel itself making it a “Kitt” like wheel. I do not know the year but i would point to late 90´s until 2003.


This Michael Knight style wheel,


was aimed to work with Playstation 2 and can work with the pedals connected to the base  or base only, using the paddles on the wheel for gas and brake. This feature is usually present on wheels that are directed for a more young audience; Thrustmaster has it too, on the Ferrari Enzo racing wheel and so on.



The Vinyl Dashboard, pretty unique of that era…


The “carbon” on the shifter wheel is a vinyl type one with smooth edges. I can find 2 more carbon like add-ons that are made of rubber. The sequential shifter is what i like the most on this wheel. You need to apply some force for it to move, so not just hanging there.  Nice “click” feeling.


This wheel turns and locks at about 90º. No Force feedback. I could not feel anything with it. I will get a PlayStation 2 one of these days and then i´m able to put it to the real test.

On the center there’s a “D” pad + It features 12 buttons plus paddles and a sequential shifter.



The wheel is all made of plastic, being the only thing non plastic the connectors of the pedals.


The Pedals:


All plastic, clumsy feeling.



The connectors:

Wheel Connector
Pedals Connector

The Combo:


No Hard Mount for any of the hardware parts:



One thing is for sure : This wheel was not intended to race seriously. For one, the materials used on it´s construction and the other; was not the point (if it was, it was not a good idea).

Courtesy of the owner of the picture (ex, Gumtree)

One can also say there are groups that demand certain types of assembly and others that it does not bother them at all; and there´s the age factor, where a wheel like this would make sense, to young people, on an entry level.


I am going to take this racing wheel as a baseline so that if i need to compare it to other wheel, i have it referenced.

I could not find a lot of information regarding this wheel, including price tag at the time. Anyway i am pretty sure it was not cheap. These wheels can be found today for more or less 15€ if you can find one, this is.

See you Soon.


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