DiY Project – iFlag for iRacing

Make it so. Give me Light!


This project is to me what water should have been to Egyptians when it was scarce on the Nile.

Easy to spot, helpful on track, i don’t see why this can´t be on other racing games.. .

This is iFlag; a software that allows the flags of a race to be represented in a dot display. It works as a visual aid for the track related information and runs only on iRacing.

Let´s move on


The project is composed of 3 hardware parts and a software.

The parts :

  • Arduino Uno
  • Color Shield V 1 . 1
  • RGB dot Matrix 8*8

The software is:



Now, on the hardware :

I bought mine on AliExpress but you can find other providers with similar parts.

Almost anyone can assemble this but there´s an order on the assembly:

First, Arduino Uno

Arduino UNO board

2nd, the Color Shield

Color Shield V 1.1
Color Shield on top of Arduino UNO

The pins must fit exactly between these boards. You just need to fit them together.

3rd , the 8*8 Rgb Matrix

Bottom-up: 1. Arduino – 2.Color shield – 3.Rgb Matrix

Again, the pins must fit exactly and you should pay attention on this part;

to couple the Rgb Matrix to the Color shield one has to do it in such a way that the “1” seen on this picture from the Rgb Matrix

This “1” must fit the “1” on color shield

fits the “1”, under the “blue” label on the color shield.

Color Shield

Let´s recap: Follow this rule and the unit will work perfectly.

  1. There will be a number “1” on the 8*8 Rgb Matrix close to a pin;
  2. That “1” will have to connect to the number “1” on the color shield.

If you have done that it should be ready to work.

Should stay like this,


iFlag for iRacing (video)

At the moment i am using a simple box for the arduino. It´s simple and it´s an idea. I am thinking of a project for a full enclosure.

Arduino with acrylic box

One more(s) photo,


Black acrylic cover


another cover



At this point the unit is ready to fit a monitor, other box / enclosure or a place you see fit.

Here is another idea for an enclosure;

Next step: Software

This unit does not require external power to work and the usb cable will take care of the needed voltage.

The above images are only to make available an idea of a unit powered On as well as it´s  visual impact.

What to know about the software;

At the moment it can display starting lights, race flags and other information.

There´s no noticeable impact on computer performance due to software. The software just needs to be downloaded and extracted. When in the desktop, you just need to RUN it so no installer needed.

If this gadget pics your interest, read the provided files on the downloaded folder. They are easy to read and well explained.

You can also check the github page for that information too:


What i like;

  • I like the LED´s flashing. It is unmistakable.
  • Small and compact unit.
  • No need for external power.
  • I like having it where i want; it´s only dependent on the usb length to the computer.
  • I like the easy software AND would prefer a startup with windows.

Overall there is no point in not making a project like this one. It´s a good peripheral accessory with a very easy assembly process and with software that is free, easy to use and updated regularly.

On closing the post, I have the idea that this is a must have gadget.

There’s something that the iRacing community should know, one thing that characterizes this apparatus. This is iRacing only. I decided not to argue for it to be available on other games because It´ is like when someone gives you a gift, an exclusive one and no one has one alike. This “you” is the iRacing community.
Thanks to Petr Vostrel and all the people involved on this amazing gadget!

About the projects, i´ll see you soon with more.

Stay well!


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